IvyStarshyne - Well, You Insisted - Mar 14, 2020

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Your Wife’s First Night Out It should be a fun girls night out! Thanks for understanding, honey. I really need this sometimes. Just a regular old girls night. Well, from what I hear, we’re just getting ice cream and watching chick flicks. It sounds exactly like what I need! Gossiping about that weird neighbor… Painting our nails! Discussing our… husbands! Hehe, just kidding, honey. See you later! Much later that night… Oh lord… honey, I can’t believe that! What is it? 4 in the morning!? Oh my god… it’s crazy! I have work tomorrow! I don’t? It’s Saturday morning? Oh… phew! I can’t believe how crazy the stuff was that these girls got into last night. They all took a vote to go to a strip club! They were acting absolutely wild out there! Jen was grinding up on a stripper - he didn’t seem to mind. Oh yeah, it was a male strip club. Abigail was so out of it that she got up on stage and danced! Beth… I don’t even know what happened to her. I think she was doing… stuff in the bathroom! And Christina… honey, she went home with a stripper! She texted me just as I walked up saying they’d had sex! What do you think her husband will say when he finds out? Honey, are you hard? Nevermind… Goodness, those girls are WILD! All I wanted was a nice night in with them, and they wanted to act up! I felt like I was babysitting them ALL NIGHT LONG. UGH! What’s that? You think I should have had more fun? Well, I mean, I did a little… Let loose? Honey, if that’s letting loose, I don’t know what to think… But I’m not sure it’s really my style. You really think I should lighten up? But… all those crazy things they did! You think I should have my own crazy story? Well, I… I don’t know what to say. I’m going to bed. Her Second Night Out You know what honey, I’m glad you told me to loosen up. I think you’re right. I thought more about it, and I’m ready to party! I’m going to go out with the girls again and get crazy! They all recovered from their hangovers successfully and want to go again. We’ll see how it turns out. I told them that it was MY turn to have fun and that THEY could babysit ME! But I’m also a grown woman, so I’ll do damn well as I please. Right, honey? See you later! Oh, and don’t wait up! Much, much later… Honey! My sweetheart! My darling husband! I did it! I went crazy! First of all, I drank as much as possible. The girls encouraged it, said it was the best way for me to lighten up. Then I did just like Jen and was grinding up on strippers. They weren’t sure at first because I was still kind of shy and failed at it. But as I kept it up, I could feel more and more that each stripper was hard! They all loved my wet panties rubbing against their thighs. And just like Abigail, I jumped up on stage. ALL those strippers were eyeing me at that point. They could tell I was out of it and totally horny! My panties were soaked and each one had cream on his thigh where I’d humped him! So when I was up on stage, a few of them got really close to peek up… They could see how wet those panties were, they were drooling! So I moved on to the bathroom like Beth, and had a good time in there! Got SUPER energized and ready to keep the party going! Well, do you remember what Christina did last night? She fucked a stripper. So obviously I had to totally top her. You wanted me to be your crazy wife… so I did the thing! Wooh! What do you think about THIS?! I’m going to climb right on your face and show you! See what this is? This is a pussy that is DRIPPING with cum! Know why? I let EVERY SINGLE STRIPPER dump a massive cum load inside me tonight! Believe it, baby! See how it keeps on coming out? They just wouldn’t stop pumping me full! I’m so sore. This pussy took at least 5… maybe 6 cocks tonight. Every single cock was throbbing and ready to bust in me. After all the pussy grinding I’d done on them, then the dancing on stage… They were ready to just pump me full. It seemed like each one was bigger than the first. The last one was at least… THIS BIG. It hurt so good, the way he pressed in and out hard and fast. One of them called me a slut. Another one was saying I was the biggest whore they’d seen at the club. Some of them said I was the best pussy they’d fucked. What do you think, honey? Are they right? Do you think this is the pussy of the century of what? Even pretty with cum flowing out from it! This pussy is full to the brim! Well… what are you going to do about it, honey? You wanted me to have a good time, so I let a bunch of studs fuck me. Instead of you being my good dicking, they did it for you. So I think it’s only fair to leave the cleanup to you. Slurp up all the creamy spunk, baby! Lick my pussy up good. All that cum and my cream mixed up… Crazy, stranger cocks inside me all night… I see how hard you are, slurp it all up until you cum, too. Yes, baby. Clean up this pussy good! This pussy was made to be full. And to be maintained to perfectly by you. Mmmmm this pussy is all yours now that they’re done.

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