Shannon Heels - Swimsuit Bitch Gunged

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LETS GET GUNGED! The gameshow that proves that I am truly, an airheaded British BIMBO! I'm all prepared, in my cute pink SWIMSUIT and jelly shoes. I don't think I'm going to get gunged, I'm SMART! I'll get all the questions right. I have to answer 10 questions, and if I answer enough correctly, I'll get a prize! If not, I get GUNGED!!! I go through each question and they are soooo hard!! I only get 1 right! So... what do you think happens next? That's right, I get pink & purple gunge all over me!! Loads of fun quiz sound effects and just a great laugh! If you like seeing me gunged, check out this AWESOME GUNGE video - Featuring: Redhead | PAWG | GUNGE | Paddling Pool | Quiz | Full Nude | Jelly Shoes | Swimsuit | Bimbo

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