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“One day you got the day off from your office manager job. Your sons are in school.  You have the morning and afternoon all to yourself. After running errands you come home and run into me. You’re outside your front door coming home carrying groceries.  You’re on the phone talking in Spanish with a teacher about picking your twins up at a certain time. Laugh at a random joke and hang up. You see me and greet me. You wonder why I’m not in school but I tell you my college is out early today. You explain your day off and all these chores and house duties. You seem busy but also relieved. You hardly get alone time being a single mom of twins.  I offer to help which you kindly refuse. I insist and you ask If I’m sure. You give in and let me in.  You’re in the kitchen doing chores moving around as you chat with me. Ask me how school is, my cashier job, etc. Talk about your few hours of freedom. You’re off, sons are in school, so you are taking time to clean and unwind. Tell me how kicking your unfaithful ex out took its toll on you. Go on and on about your mommy duties and work. I offer to help in some way but you kindly refuse. You sincerely thank me for all I do. I’ve been a good listener and keep your sons occupied by playing with them  and blah. Suddenly your back is turned as you finish chores. The camera is closer to you. You turn and accidentally bump into each other. I grab you to avoid further collision and unintentionally hug you. You unintentionally feel my rigid erection pressing on you. I kiss you but you back away and bump into the fridge. You stare at me shocked. You ask me what that was. Where that came from. I apologize repeatedly as you stare at me shocked and hands on your waist. I reveal my attraction towards you. You look upset as you bow your head. I apologize frantically repeatedly asking forgiveness. You gesture me and repeatedly tell me to calm down and say it’s okay. You take a breath and grab me and lead me to your master bedroom.  In your master bedroom. We dry hump standing up. You strip me of my clothing and lay me on your bed. You walk to your door and close it. You mount me on the bed and grind on me. It’s been a very long time for you so you seem a bit nervous. You put your chest in my face. You sit up and look at me. Suddenly you swiftly remove your shirt revealing a nice satin bra. Grind me more. Give me different views of you in your bra. Front side and back. Let the camera kiss on the bra silk and cleavage. Lay on your bed and roll around slowly as if I’m all over you. You get on top again. You unhook your bra and briefly hold on to your bra. Suddenly you let go revealing your boobs. React and tilt your head as if I’m sucking on your boobs as they’re in my face. Suddenly your pants come off and you’re in your thong. You’re posing like a model as you are kneeled on your bed. Play with your hair, put your hands behind your head, stretch your chest. Grind sensually. Show front and back side shots of you kneeled on your bed. Pose laying sideways too.  Suddenly your boobs are in my face as if I were sucking them. After I suck my fill of your boobs, you sit up and remove both our underwear. You put a condom on my pulsating cock. You tell me it’s been so long. You insert yourself on my cock and adjust to a hard penis inside of you. You begin to work it slowly. I’m looking up at your boobs and beautiful face. You grind and moan. Put your hands behind your head, crunch your hair into a bun, ride me. Your hair gets in your face the more you grind. Press your hands on my chest as you work me. Whip your hair out of your face. You lean forward and put your boobs on the camera and engulf me. All I can see if your boobs and face. You breath heavily. I can’t contain myself and erupt hard and long. You moan with me as you feel my long flow of sensation. Sit up looking partially sweaty. You catch your breath and realize you have to pick your twins up at school. You urge me to get dressed. You get off in a rush.  You are in your pants putting your bra on in a rush. You’re on the phone apologizing in Spanish to a teacher saying you will be there very soon. You fix your hair into a ponytail and your makeup. I ask if we can do this again. You tell me in a rush to please not get the wrong idea. You got carried away,  and you haven’t done this in a long long time, I’m a nice guy but I’m too young for you plus you never get alone time. Put your shirt on. Rush me to get going. Close the door and say goodbye.” Enjoy me, xo REALITY BASED/NON KINKY TALK/OLDER WOMAN YOUNGER MAN/TABOO/NEIGHBOR/SENSUAL DOMINATION/EROTIC POSING/BRA FETISH/TIT WORSHIP/BOOB FETISH/POV SEX/EROTICA/FRUMPY MOM/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/ROLE PLAY

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