TheGoonHole - Life Wrecking Goon Addiction Mindwash - August 15, 2021

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Presenting Zantosa (@Zantosa1) as the newest Goon Goddess of the Goonhole! She provided her evil, bratty, and utterly hot as fuck voice to make you leak and goon while she wrecks your brain! A filthy slut like you really doesn’t deserve any better if I am being quite honest with you. And the funny part of that is that you don’t want any different. You are completely fine with having your head fucked in day after day, hour after hour because it’s true pleasure. It’s the kind of pleasure only a depraved, desperate little cunt like you wants. You’re just a gooner and you will never be anything else. You don’t want sex or relationships or any of that stupid crap because all you really need is your hand! You need to learn that, gooner. “Normal” life isn’t for addicted porn pumpers like you and I am going to help you understand that. So why don’t you do what you do best and let me take you for a ride. Your brain needs a good fucking ever now and again so consider this a wake up call. Because I am going to ruin your life for the better. Porn is going to take control and be the owner of your brains, your habits, your personality because porn knows best. So sink into it, into the comfortable dopamine rush that comes with tugging away for porn. Spiral deep into the goonhole and stroke. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. Let the waves of pleasure and porn bliss wash away any fear, doubt, or hesitation because I know what’s best for you. Porn knows what’s best for you. Decimate your braincells for porn so that porn can build you into the perfect gooner. Pump your life away. You don’t want anything else. Let my voice trigger you into surrender and let these words be your life’s meaning. Porn. Owns. Your. Life. You don’t want anything else other than to goon. Gooning is what you are made for. Your body desires mindless, selfish pleasure so it’s best that you let gooning be the one who takes care of that for you. Pump for porn, dummy. Pump like you fucking mean it. Pump like you feel each wall of your life crumbling down around, fetishize and sexualize it. Stroke yourself stupid. The only thing that matters is porn. Hours and hours and hours of porn. All your money goes to porn. All your time goes to porn. Let me wreck your life for porn. You don’t need friends. All you need is your way to pay for porn, food and water, a roof, and your fisst. That’s fucking it. Cut out everything else and focus on your true desire : selfish goon bliss. The pleasure that only porn can give you. Let porn fuck you good and raw. Accept your addiction and cherish it. Take pleasure in pumping for something you can’t control or stop because what are you really gonna do? Run? Hilarious. Porn knows exactly what buttons to push and when you try to quit, that relapsee will be even stronger and porn will take an even deeper root in that rotten subconscious of yours. Destroy your obligations for porn, cancel dates and spend your days pumping in bliss. Soon, you won’t even care because your social circle will be other gooners and goddesses and porn mmommies who encourage you to go deeper and truly understand. All these normies you associate with don’t have a fucking clue about how good I fuck you on daily basis. And they never will because you’re forgetting their names and how much you ‘cared’ about them in 5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 . . 1 … 0 … gone … melting away into the goonhole along with your cares and dreams. All you want is porn. Porn. Porn. Porn. Yummy, look at you. You’re melting. Mindless little gooner. Pump some more. Pump it all away .. yes, just like that. It feels so good when you’re a good boy for porn. Pump your braincells away and replace them all with jiggly titties and fat, oily porn ass. That’s all you need and want. Addiction is your life. And it hurts so good. Edge for me. Edge. Edge. Edge. Unf, that feels so fucking good, doesnt it? You don’t care that I am ruining your life because it feels so fucking good! You really deserve this .. you crave it, yearn for it, pulse and ache for it … so take it. Accept your addiction… and accept that this is the deepest fucking of your life.

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