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For “Chris”: You meet me, a random but friendly girl, while you’re out at a bar with friends. As the night ends one thing leads to another and you end up walking me home. Once in my apartment I invite you to a beverage and you decline, saying you have a girlfriend and that you should be getting home. I persist and tell you to stay for just ONE beverage… after all, you walked me home and I want to show my gratitude. You can’t say no. I come back and sit in front of you and begin flirting a bit, you constantly remind me that you have a girlfriend and I tell you that you and I are just “friends”. But secretly I’m very attracted to you and want you all to myself. I accidentally spill by beverage onto your lap and am so embarrassed. I tell you to take your pants off so I can put them in the drier- you can’t leave here with a wet crotch! Now that you’re sitting there just in boxers I sneakily continue to seduce you. You bring up your girlfriend again but I see how hard you are for me. I grab at your cock and tell you that I want to suck it. Plus, that’s hardly cheating… You resist but I get my way. I start blowing you and you eventually cave to how good it feels. I talk dirty to you as I sensually suck your cock and admit that since I’ve gotten a taste now I want more. I want to fuck you. You keep saying no but I don’t care. I start stripping out of my clothes and once I’m naked I start playing with my pussy in front of you. You finally say yes but on one condition: you want to wear a condom. I tell you that I’d much rather you fuck me raw, I want you to feel all of me but you ask if I’m on the pill and when I say no you are firm about wearing a condom. I glide one on you and just as you’re about to put your condom covered cock in me to freeze. I ask if it’s about your g and you say yes. I ask you what her name is and as soon as you say “Christina” I push my pussy onto your cock. You start fucking me as I tell you to cheat on her with my tight pussy. As you fuck me I ask what your biggest pet peeve is about her and you say that it’s the fact that she makes you wear a condom even though she’s on the pill. I take this moment to tell you that you should fuck me raw. I want to feel it raw before that stupid little bitch. You are confused because I had told you before that I was on the pill but now I tell you that I am and that it’s safe to fuck me bareback. I rip the condom off and shove myself onto your dick before you can protest. Once you feel my raw pussy you can’t hold back. You fuck me so good until I decide I want to ride you. I straddle you and ask you if you want to cum inside me. You shake your head no but I really think you do want to. You tell me you’re about to cum and try to push me off you but I squeeze my legs and pussy around you tighter. You squirm and I tell you that I’ll give you a cum countdown- when I get to 1I’ll hop off. I count down but to your surprise when I get close to 1 I whisper that I’m not going to get off and you’re going to cum inside me! I ride hard until I feel your cum dripping out of me. I giggle and laugh and tease you because I just know that you got me pregnant… I was worth it, wasn’t I?… enjoy me, xo CHEATING/HOMEWRECKER/ROLEPLAY/POV SEX/FUCK MACHINE/DILDO FUCKING/DILDO SUCKING/FEMDOM/CONDOM/IMPREGNATION

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