Galas Looner - Struggle in Shiny Clothing Glove & Heels - Oct 22, 2018

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Custom Video Request~ (Backstory/setup) You invite your girlfriend over for an evening of fun, kinky, bondage sex. She informs you of pending errands she has to run that shouldn't take long. You suggest she come over first and tie you up then do her errands quickly and come back for fun and games. After your friend has tied you up and while out doing errands she gets pulled over for speeding and ends up getting arrested for a slew of unpaid parking tickets (she tries to call you but your phone is off - a detail for later on) and you're left wondering where she is and how you're going to get out of this situation. -Actual start of video- Scene 1 (approx. 1 - 2 min.): Phone conversation. -You are sitting on the bed dressed in a very shiny and sexy black outfit along with your long black hair and heavy make-up talking on the phone. (Dialogue): "I'm so horny and I miss you! Please come over and fuck me. Oh, and tie me up really tight this time."(giggling) -silence/listening as friend is speaking. "Awwwww, but can't you just do your errands and come right back?!" "I'll be all tied up and waiting for you. Pleeeeeeease?!" -more silence/listening- "Yay! Well hurry over I'm ready!" You hang up the phone and look into the camera lustfully, biting your lower lip while caressing your breasts and slowly running your hands up and down your body. Scene ends. Scene 2a: (3 - 4 min) Your friend just left and now you're lying down purring and enjoying the feel of the tight bondage on your elbows and wrists. You sensuously move around and test the security of the ropes. You know there will be no way of getting out of this yourself. You smile, getting more excited and moan, "Come back soon." You open and close your legs... then roll over and begin rubbing your crotch on the bed. You promised not to cum without her but can't help it. The tight bondage and waiting is driving you crazy. You finally let go and your entire body twitches as you cum. Giving yourself some sexual release/relief has taken some of the edge and anticipation down a bit so you can better relax and wait for when your girlfriend returns. You let out a sigh and close your eyes (smiling satisfied) and drift off for an unexpected nap. Scene 3: (approx 5 min) You slowly awaken. You feel very fuzzy-headed. You're not sure how long you were out (it was about 2 hours) but you can tell it's been a while. Once your head starts clearing you immediately notice the pain in your arms. Your elbows are burning and you wrists are almost completely numb and cold. She tied you up extremely tight but the plan wasn't to spend that long in this severe bondage...but something happened. Something was wrong. She should've been back by now. Worry spreads across your face. "Where is she?! Ow!!" as you try to move around and sit up. You manage to sit up on the edge of the bed and look around - trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. You stand up on wobbly legs and begin to pace the room, looking for something to help you get out of this. You struggle some more but fun is gone due to the pain now caused from the ropes. You begin to whimper and whine, "This is too tight! Did she have to tie me so tight?! Me and my big mouth... what am I going to do?!" An idea pops into your head and you go to your phone. Maybe there is a text or voicemail from her...if not, at least you can try to call her and find out what's going on. The feeling in your hands is almost gone and operating the phone will be quite difficult. You fumble with your phone and see the battery is completely drained. A very frustrated "Ugggggh!!!!!!" lets out from your throat. The pain in your arms becomes more intense now from trying to use your hands and you know you have to get out of this very soon. You stumble over to the door and try to open it but by now your hands are completely numb. You are unable to open the door. After a few moments of trying to grab and turn the knob you give up. As the pain grows the weaker you become. One last hope is that you try to connect the charger to your phone so you can call someone for help. You are unable to though due to your numb hands and fingers. You can't even find where you left your charger as you wander the room halfheartedly in your search. You finally give up and stagger weakly to bed and collapse onto it. You weakly cry, "I can't take it anymore. This sucks so hard." and pass out from exhaustion. END. Related Categories: DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, FEMALE DESPERATION, PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS, ROPE BONDAGE, STRUGGLING Keywords: custom clip request, rope bondage, bound orgasm, big tits big butt, damsel in distress, try to escape, struggling struggle, humiliation embarrassed, pantyhose/stockings, female desperation, pillow humping, high heels hopping, lipstick fetish, glove fetish gloves, leather fetish shiny

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