Infinity0Whore - Cruel Tarot Reader Shrinks Your Wife

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You hear about a tarot reader operating on the outskirts of town from a little trailer who is reputable, so you decide to go and visit her with your wife. You've been having problems and your wife seems to think that maybe the cards might give you some insight into what the future holds for you as a couple. When you arrive, you're shocked that the reader is much younger and hotter than you imagined. She begins your reading and immediately notices the negativity in your relationship and the lack of sex, the fact that your wife is always too busy working and around the home. Halfway through the reading, she asks if you would allow her to try something else a little more unorthodox. She promises that it will help your marriage so, nervously, both you and your wife agree. She consults a leather bound book before dissolving some ingredients together inside a little cauldron and telling your wife to lick the mixture from her fingers. Once she does, the reader begins maniacally laughing and you are terrified to see that your wife is getting smaller and smaller, shrinking down to a tiny size! The tarot reader picks her up and laughs at how small she is. She strips down to her underwear and places your wife's tiny body inside her bra against her nipple while she cries out and tells you that you have an opportunity here to fuck a hot, young woman while your wife can't do anything about it. You're still more terrified than horny so you can't respond, so instead she places your tiny wife on her tongue and tells you that if you don't fuck her, she'll swallow her whole. You get out your cock and the tarot reader starts sucking on it with your wife still in her mouth. She tells her she should be grateful to still be involved in her husbands pleasure, as the screams are vibrating against your cock. The tarot reader starts to be cruel about your wife, telling you she's overweight and ugly and not good enough for you. She reminds you that you're an alpha who should be having his cock sucked every day and you can't help but to agree. You start to enjoy the warm wet feeling of her lips around your cock and forget all about your wife's predicament as you buck into her mouth. Your tiny wife yells and begs for the tarot reader to stop sucking your cock as she's drowning in her mouth, so she agrees. She asks you if you agree too and opens her legs to show her already glistening pussy. She holds up your wife to her face and tells her she gets a front row seat to you cheating on her as she places her inside her folds. Your wife kicks and squirms to try to escape but it's impossible. The tarot reader asks you to fuck her and push your shrunken wife inside her pussy. Now that you've had a taste and are desperate to cum, you can't help but to oblige. You push your wife inside her wet pussy and fuck her hard while she tells you how she can feel your wife stumbling around inside her pussy, holding on to her walls with dear life as your cock smushes her little body. The thought of this makes you so turned on. You can feel her in there too, pressed against your rock hard cock. She teases you, telling you that your wife will never get over this and being cruel once again. She feels amazing and you lose yourself completely, fucking her wet pussy until you feel her cum hard around your cock and then you follow suit. You forgot all about your tiny wife in there... and when she pushes your cream pie out of her pussy you watch your wife slip out of her, covered with and almost drowning in your cum. The tarot reader is very giggly and teases her while she struggles. She is nearly ready to return her to normal size as she'd promise, but you're starting to second guess that decision seeing the broken and furious look on your wife's tiny face.

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