Galas Looner - Lee & Galas Foot Slave Training JOI - HD 1080p mp4 - Jun 30, 2023

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Custom Request~ 10 minute Soles jerk-off encouragement Galas – Now I know you usually serve me and clean off all the sweat and stink off of my feet with your tongue, but today I have my friend Lee Von Lux with me and you will be serving both of us. You are going to get on your knees and lick the filth and stench off of our soles, all that sweat and grime needs to be licked off of our feet using your tongue. Lee Von Lux – Stick your tongue out slave and lick the bottoms of my feet. My sweaty and smelly soles need a good thorough tongue bath. Galas and I are going to wear out that worthless slave tongue of yours with our feet. We’re going to make sure that tongue is good and sore by running our soles on that tongue repeatedly. Galas – And just to torment you, we’ve been wearing the same socks for over a month to build up all that stinky foot stench. Our soles are extra sweaty and smelly today, so you better do a good job and lick our soles thoroughly or we’ll put you in chastity. Lee Von Lux – Look at the long nail beds on our toes, such nice long toe nails to shove in your mouth. Make sure you lick under our toe nails too, all that grime and sweat that gets under our naturally long nails needs to be licked and sucked clean. Galas – You need to clean our high arches too slave, make sure you lick up and down our high arches and get all that sweat that gets trapped there. Keep licking our soles from the bottom of our heels, make your way up the arch, then the balls of our feet, and then lick in between our toes and get all that toe jam sweat. Suck on each toe one by one, then flick your tongue on the bottoms of our toes and lightly tickle them. Lee Von Lux – I hope you’re suffering under the stench of our feet as you lick our soles. I love making my feet as smelly as possible and having a slave lick all the filth off. This is where you belong, on your knees worshiping our goddess feet. We’re going to have you here every single day worshiping and cleaning our soles with your tongue. Every time we get done shopping, every time we get back from the gym, I want you on your knees licking our soles clean. Galas – There’s nothing more that I enjoy than running my soles on a slaves tongue. I love running my soles back and forth, from heel to toe, both feet coming at you one by one continuously until I’m satisfied. I love using that slave tongue and making sure it’s sore. I don’t care if your tongue is worn out or if you’re tired, our feet need to be cleaned and licked thoroughly. We’ll make you sniff our feet until they’re clean and free of any bad smell. Lee Von Lux – Your life is now devoted to serving us and worshiping our feet. You must quit your job and forget about friends and family, you are now our own personal human foot cleaner. You’re sole purpose in life is to lick our soles day every day when we say so. You better get used to that foot sweat taste because we’re going to make sure you lick up every inch and crevice of our soles clean. If you miss even a drop of sweat from our feet we’re going to put you in chastity. You will obey your goddesses and lick our soles until we say so. Galas – When you are done cleaning our soles, we’re going to use your face as a foot rest. We’ll have our feet in your face for hours as we relax. The suffering never ends for you and you are always going to be worshiping our bare soles and stinky feet. You’re responsible for making sure our feet are clean and spotless, using only your tongue to lick up every single drop of sweat off our soles. Lee Von Lux – You’re also going to be responsible for all our pedicures and foot massages now too. When our feet are not in your mouth or on your face, you better serve us and give us a nice pedicure. Make sure you leave our nails nice and long because I love having you lick under our long toe nails. I want you to massage our feet with your mouth, suck on our high arches and lick them thoroughly. Deeply press your tongue on the bottoms of my feet, run that worthless slave tongue on my soles endlessly. Galas – You better be stroking it as you worship our feet, this is all the action you’re going to get. You’re a worthless foot slave, a foot cleaner, and you deserve nothing but stinky feet in your face each and every day. I’m going to make sure my feet are as smelly and vinegary as possible to torment you. Making sure that you stroke while you’re cleaning and licking the soles of our feet. Lee Von Lux – I see that you’re rock hard, you better not lose focus and continue licking our soles while you stroke. Our feet are filthy and it’s going to take hours of licking to get them clean. Your job as a foot slave is never going to end, you are going to be sniffing and licking our feet for the rest of your life. All that nasty foot sweat built up from those 1 month used socks, all that bad foot stench is your job and your life. We’re going to run our soles on that tongue until it falls off.

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