Kay Dark - Sis then, Mom- can you keep it up - Nov 8, 2022

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Can You Keep It Up ;) THIS IS ONE OF MY PERSONAL FAVOURITES! You've been fooling around with your big sister and Mom for a while now. How long can you keep it up for... The video starts while you are with your big sister, your both alone and she is horny! Your big sister makes the first move, loving how hard she gets you. She tells you she wants to make you cum, do you want to cum for your big sister? Of course you do.... Your sister begins rubbing your dick through your pants asking if something is on your mind, you reassure her everything is fine and you allow your big sister to continue. It isn't long before she's sucking your hard dick... She wants to make you cum, she wants to know everything about you. What makes you hard, what makes you cum even harder... You reply you want to impregnate her, you want to impregnate your big sister... Your sister doesn't say no.... But she doesn't exactly say yes either ;p - X - X - Once you've cum for your big sister she leaves the room to go shower to prepare for your planned impregnation later. Within minutes of your sister leaving your Mom enters having just returned home from a stressful day... Your mom is shocked but instantly turned on to see you ready for Mom as soon as she walks through the door! Why else would you be sat there with your cock out...? ;) Your mom instantly drops to her knees ready to suck and fuck her son... She stops after a lick, hesitates you nervously ask what's wrong... Can she taste her own daughter and your last cum load on your cock? Your heart pounds...you get ready to think of an explanation.... Few no need, she just thinks its because you are already soaked in pre cum for her! She gets carried away greedily sucking at your cock... She stops asking what's wrong, you don't seem to be enjoying it as you normally do... Are you sure everything's OK? Good. Mommy just thinks you need time after cumming for mommy last time... So she reassures it's OK, mom will edge your cock until your balls are full enough again to cum for mom. Mom tells you she has her new bra and panties on. Jerk your dick while mom shows them of to you. Nothing hotter than seing my own son stroke his dick for me. Mom shows of her ass, teasing you for a minute before getting back to your cock. Mommy sucks your dick again, fast and slow.... Teasing asking if you want to cum yet... You don't ofcourse so your mommy gets more desperate for you, for your cock, for your inst cum... She wants you to cum so bad, she tells you she's going to eat your ass and suck your balls she knows that makes you cum hard.... You don't, mom questions again is something wrong... You of course say no again so mom carrys on edging away at your hard cock... She has sucked, jerked and teased your cock your both so horny. Mom offers up her pussy for you desperately begging you to shove your dick inside mommy's pussy... She takes your hard dick from behind in doggy, moaning and getting wetter by the second. You love mom's fat ass bouncing on your dick hearing how wet you get her. We change positions mom rides your dick in reverse cowgirl all the time talking dirty to you. Horny desperate for your cum Son. You still don't give into mommy. Mom doesn't give up, she turns around on your dick and begins to ride you once more, she rides you till she has another great orgasm around your dick.. She begs you to cum with her... You don't your not ready yet, your enjoying this so much.... Or are you scared your going to get caught.... What are you going to do.... If you give in and cum again right now what about when your sister comes back? Can you keep it up? Fuck.... You can't resist your moms dirty begging desperate talk.... You finally give in and cum inside your moms pussy once again. Mom is so fucking turned on at your inces tuous cum she sits and your dick again fucking all your cum back up and deep inside her womb... Saying your going to fuck mom everyday until you impregnate her!

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