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This is a custom story. The name Kevin is used throughout. Part 3 of: Part 1 BREEDING YOUR Girlfriend's HOT MOM Part 2 PART 2 KEEP BREEDING ME and MY DAUGHTERS THE STORY You are my girlfriend's grandmother, you find out that not only are all of your granddaughters pregnant, but also your daughter (their mom) and with twins! You decide to figure out what the heck is going on. You know I got one of your granddaughters pregnant, but you also suspect I'm the one who got your other granddaughters pregnant. You think I might even be the one who knocked up your daughter (their mom) too, as I'm the only guy who you've seen around the house and you've caught me flirting with them. You come over to the house when everyone else has left and you confront me. I admit I got them all pregnant. You are shocked and very angry with me for knocking them all up. You say you're going to have to move in to help with all the bbs. Then you notice me staring at you. You can't believe I'm checking you out. You realize that with me looking at you and the fact I knocked up your daughter that I like older, thicker women. You've been alone for so many years, and you actually find yourself getting turned on. I can see you're hesitant so I pull my dick out and let you see it. You're already aroused and very horny, so when you see my dick you stop harassing me and just stare. It's been so long since you've had a dick. You slowly ask me if you can touch it. You gently caress then start stroking it up and down, and you can't help yourself so you start sucking on it. You start sucking really hard, and you tell me you want me to cum in your mouth and you're going to swallow my load, then I pull away from you. At first your feelings are hurt and you ask me what's wrong, then you realize I want to fuck you. By now your pussy is dripping wet and you can't say no. You take your clothes off and get on me. As you ride me you tell me how you can't believe how good it feels and it's been so long since you've had a cock inside you. After a short time of fucking you tell me to let you know when I'm close to cumming so you can get off and take my load in your mouth. I just keep fucking you. You tell me it's probably not a good idea for me to cum in you because even at your age you're still fertile and you still have periods sometimes. I just keep fucking you even harder and you realize I want to get you pregnant. You tell me to stop and that you could get pregnant, and you don't want to have a bb, but while telling me to stop you have your first orgasm and it's REALLY strong and racks your body After you cum hard the first time you start fucking me MUCH HARDER and you tell me to knock you up, and that you've missed having klds and you want me to breed you like I did the rest of your family. You can't just stand by and let me knock up the rest of your family without you having some too.

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