Galas Looner - Tonge Kissing Custom - Jan 6, 2023

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**See higher quality HD version in my store!** Arielle, Mia & Galas Tongue Kissing Custom Primary script: The clip should begin with you and one other model standing/posing in front of a mirror as if to take sexy photos for a social media account. The other model should say “Wow, we are SOO hot” then proceeds to lean her body into yours, so that her ass is bumping into your pelvis. Acting shocked, you say “Whoa, your body feels SOO good against mine” as you begin to gently, slowly grind and rub her body with your own, as well as your hands. The other model should then walk into frame behind you, and sandwich you with her body. You should all three begin gently rubbing together, running your hands down each other’s arms as you rub/grind your asses into each other’s pelvises. You should all three behave as if this is extremely pleasurable, lip biting, exchanging sexy looks, and quiet soft moans. After only about 20-30 seconds of this, one of the models suddenly leans around you and plants a big smooch on the other model. You are still sandwiched in the middle, and you watch them with your mouth open with fake shock/surprise on your face. Immediately after the smooch, the two models should stick out their tongues and have a very aggressive/lustful tongue duel for about 10-20 seconds. They moan loudly as they tongue kiss, and you begin biting your lip as you slowly stop looking shocked and begin to look extremely turned on while you watch. After 10-20 seconds, the models stop kissing. One model should say “Ooh, that was so hot!” The other model replies “Oh yeahhh, this feels so good!” They both look at you and one of them says “Ugh, Galas you are soo fucking hot!” You reply “But girls...we're all straight!" One of the other girls says "Mmm, yes...we are" Then both models lean into you, forming a triangle. You meet them in the middle and you all three begin to tongue kiss wildly at the same time. One big triple tongue kiss while moaning loudly and behaving as if you are super turned on. Also rub one another's bodies as you kiss, run your hands over each others hair, asses, and arms. If you or any of the models want to occasionally say something like "Girl on girl is sooo hot" or compliment one another like "Your boobs are soo big" or "Your tongue is so long" About halfway through the video, you should all three begin rubbing your boobs together and pretending that it feels super good and arousing. Do this for about 30 seconds while moaning and saying things like "Oh this feels sooo good" and "Ugh, don't they look so good when they're pressed together" then after the 30 seconds, resume triple tongue kissing and rubbing each other. At the very last minute, you should all begin moaning even more loudly as you keep triple kissing and start behaving as if you're about to cum. You should say "Oh my gosh, this is so fucking hot I'm about to cum!" At about 30 seconds left, you should all pretend to climax as you keep rapidly tongue kissing and rubbing one another. Keep it up until the 10 minute mark is reached and you end the video.    Action: Threeway lesbian tongue kissing/triple kissing. The kissing should be fast paced, more like aggressive tongue dueling as you all three flicker your tongues together. The most pornographic, over the top and unrealistic kissing, I can send you some short clips to use as reference if you are unsure what I mean. :) All throughout the video, you will all three be triple tongue kissing at once, one big triangle tongue kiss at high speed with loud moaning. Really it's all a big show, and not really kissing lol.   Outfits: All models should wear VERY low neck tops that reveal as much of their cleavage as possible. If the models wish to wear a push-up or special bra to make their cleavage even larger that would also be welcome. I would also prefer that all the models wear tight leggings that really make your asses stand out.   The Don't Do's: DON'T mention or touch one another in the genital area throughout the video, don't make the more dirty comments such as "This is making me wet" or "Your tongue is so warm, or so wet" This is more of a unrealistic softcore video where you're all pretending that tongue kissing and boob rubbing is arousing and pleasurable instead of where actual pleasure is. The more "general" dirty talk such as "This is so hot" "This feels so good" is way more unspecific which is what I would much prefer

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