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PART 1 BREEDING YOUR Girlfriend's HOT MOM Custom Video - Name Kevin Said Throughout - I was so jealous of my daughter Jessica when I saw that she was pregnant by her boyfriend Kevin. I have wanted more b@bies for the longest time and just have never found the right person. Jessica and Kevin are staying with me for a while during their break from school. Kevin impregnated Jessica so easily and I KNOW he could do the same for ME. When Jessica leaves the house to go to the store I know it is time for me to seduce Kevin and start having his b@bies also. I do not want to break him and my daughter up or upset her. I just know that I want Kevin's b@bies in my belly so badly. I see how he looks at me when Jessica has her back turned. How he looks at my tits, and belly and ass and imagines how fucking hot they would look so swollen with his b@by. My D cup tits doubled in size with milk ready to feed his b@bies. He wants to breed me so badly I know it. So while Jessica is gone I strip for him. He cannot resist my naked body and I ride his cock while I tell him how I want to have as many b@bies he can give me as long as I am fertile. Tags: Big boobs, Mature, tits, curvy, busty, blonde, horny, sexy, slutty, tattoo, oil, dildo, breeding, impregnation, fantasy, POV Sex, booty, mirror, mom, mommy, Tummy Play PART 2 KEEP BREEDING ME and MY DAUGHTERS This is a custom film. It picks up where  BREEDING YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S HOT MOM'. ends. The name 'Kevin' is used throughout. You are my girlfriend Jessica's mother.  A few months back you seduced me because you were jealous I got your daughter pregnant. Unfortunately your daughter and  I have been away for a couple months traveling and we just came  back home. You sneak into my room and surprise me that you are pregnant with my b b y and actually you're even having twins. Now that you are pregnant you're very horny and you need me to fuck you, and since you know I have a breeding fetish you know I can't resist you. You slowly undress, seduce and then get on me. Talk about how happy you are that you are pregnant with our b b y and that being pregnant has made you very horny, and you need me to fuck you a lot more. You tell me that you really like the way it feels being pregnant and you know you cannot stop, and you need me to keep giving you more bby. You say you are going to move in with your daughter and me and keep having my b b s You surprise me and tell me that even though you promised to keep our having sex a secret that you told your daughter (my girlfriend) anyway and that she's actually ok with it and she wants me to keep breeding you. You tell me that she even sent you in to fuck me today and that you and her will share me. She's excited to see  who can get pregnant the most and the big families and lots of klds we'll have. You and Jessica have also decided that if I am good and keep both of you pregnant and keep fucking both of you every day, that you'll help me knock up the rest of your daughters too. PART 3 BREEDING YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S GRAMMA You are my girlfriend's grandmother, you find out that not only are all of your granddaughters pregnant, but also your daughter (their mom) and with twins! You decide to figure out what the heck is going on.   You know I got one of your granddaughters pregnant, but you also suspect I'm the one who got your other granddaughters pregnant. You think I might even be the one who knocked up your daughter (their mom) too, You come over to the house and you confront me. I admit I got them all pregnant. You are shocked and very angry. You say you're going to have to move in to help with all the bbs. Then you notice me staring at you. You can't believe I'm checking you out. You realize that with me looking at you and the fact I knocked up your daughter that I like older, thicker women. I pull my dick out and let you see it. You're already aroused and very horny, so when you see my dick you stop harassing me and just stare. It's been so long since you've had a dick. You take your clothes off and get on me. As you ride me you tell me how you can't believe how good it feels After a short time of fucking you tell me to let you know when I'm close to cumming so you can get off and take my load in your mouth. I just keep fucking you. You tell me it's probably not a good idea for me to cum in you because even at your age you're still fertile and you still have periods sometimes. I just keep fucking you even harder and you realize I want to get you pregnant. You tell me to stop and that you could get pregnant, and you don't want to have a bb, but while telling me to stop you have your first orgasm and it's REALLY strong.After you cum hard the first time you start fucking me MUCH HARDER and you tell me to knock you up, and that you've missed having klds and you want me to breed you like I did the rest of your family. You can't just stand by and let me knock up the rest of your family without you having some too.

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