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POV Custom Video Request~ You come to visit my office. I am a psychiatrist who specializes in abnormal fixations. You tell me that ever since you were very young you had a bad habit of putting your bare toes in your mouth and sucking on them. You’ve been doing it since you were a little girl and when you grew much older the oral fixation became quite a turn on for you. It all started when you first put your thumb in your mouth as a young girl. Your mom saw you do this and immediately coated your thumb with Mexican hot sauce. The taste burned your mouth and tongue so bad that you never put your thumbs or fingers in your mouth again. One day when you were still very young you wondered what it would be like if you sucked your bare big toe instead of your thumb? You tried it and immediately you were hooked and you’ve been secretly sucking, licking and tasting your toes ever since! You tell me that you have tried to quit doing this but you can’t seem to give it up. Your toes taste so good to you and the sensation of running your tongue up and down them, back and forth from the big toe to the pinky toe drives you crazy and really turns you on like nothing else. I tell you that there is hope but you will need to follow my instructions without error. I tell you to go to the ladies’ room where you will find a pair of sheer to the tan pantyhose and some red lipstick and red lip gloss. If you are wearing panties remove them and put on the pantyhose. Apply the red lip stick and red lip gloss to your lips. Make your lips look wet with the lipstick and gloss and they should be very slippery. After this return to my office and have a seat on the couch. When you return you are now wearing the pantyhose under what you wore earlier. You also have on the lipstick and shiny lip gloss. I explain to you from now on when you attempt to suck your toes while wearing the pantyhose, the taste and the sensation in your mouth will be so awful that you will never want to taste your toes again. The sensation will actually create a large amount of saliva in your mouth. This is caused by a combination of the taste of nylon and the lipstick and gloss all mixing together. There will be so much saliva in your mouth when you suck on your toes that the saliva will be very visible. Saliva from your lips and tongue will create saliva strings which will be attached to your toes. Every time you take your toes out of your mouth you will clearly see saliva oozing from your mouth, lips and tongue and toes. I assure you that the whole experience will be so disgusting for you that you will never put your feet in your mouth again. You agree to try a test right now to see if it works. You take one of your shoes off and start to worship one of your pantyhose covered feet. At first it is repellent and taste nasty. You think you are finally cured of your fixation. But as you continue on you begin to enjoy sucking and licking your toes more and more. You see the saliva coming from your lips and tongue but you really like the sensation it gives you. After a while you decide to try your other foot. The combination of the nylon and the lipstick and gloss makes the saliva flow from your lips and tongue very visibly. You find that the saliva strings you are making are long and plentiful. The whole experience is a lot of fun and you enjoy trying to make the strings! It’s becoming addictive to you and is making you extremely horny. You happen to notice that I seem to really like what I see! You begin to openly tease and seduce me while you suck toes. You tell me it’s getting really hot in here and you begin to slowly and seductively take off your clothes leaving on only your pantyhose. You pose for me, making sure I get a good look at you from head to toes. You even open your legs wide several times to show me your pussy thru your pantyhose and tell me how wet sucking your pantyhose toes has made you feel. You begin to suck on your toes again. The saliva is so visible and it seems like it continues to build in your mouth. Your pantyhose covered toes are soaked with your saliva. You can also clearly see the stains of your lipstick and gloss on your toes on both feet. The session eventually finishes and you promise to come back next week for a follow-up visit. You tell me you feel so much better now and you may just wear pantyhose every day from now on! Galas wears sheer to the waist tan cdr pantyhose without gusset in this clip Keywords: pantyhose/stockings, foot worship, foot fetish, foot smelling licking, foot play, sheer pantyhose feet, nylon feet soles arches, toe wiggling toes, female training, secretary, masturbation, high heels, nylons, tease, cdr pantyhose

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