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Part One: Junior Salesman Introduction Hi, I'm Ivy, you must be our new junior salesman. It's so nice to finally meet you. Have you already been shown around? Great. Well, I'm "The Closer" around here... Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that you're still new to the business world. Basically, I'm the one they call in when we need someone to take care of business with a client and get a deal made. Whenever you juniors mess up, I'm who steps in and fixes the mess you made. I'm the best salesman in the company by a mile and I always make a deal when no one else can.... I'll tell you what; I have meetings with a few clients today. Why don't you watch the security camera in my office and see if you don't pick up a thing or two to help your sales technique? The first client should be here any minute. Part Two: Mr. Johnson See, I've always said that the art of sales is like seducing a beautiful woman. I see you've got a ring on your finger so you've at least got a bit of experience in that arena – ha! In fact, let's use your wife as an example. Imagine we're all at the bar and we're both trying to seduce your wife. I know, I know it sounds silly but humor me, I'm trying to make a point. So I'm sure you'll do what men like you always do, you'll try telling her some jokes, buying her a few , blah blah blah. Everything that she's seen and heard a thousand times or more. And while you're putting her to rest, I'd make my move. I wouldn't say a thing, I'd just walk over to her, take her hand and put it right on my big bulge… She knows what she wants and so do I and now we both know that I've got it better than anyone else at the bar. Because at the end of the day, women don't give a fuck about jokes or some pencil dick buys them at a bar. They're looking for one thing and one thing only; a big hard dick that they can pogo-stick on for hours… that'll fuck them so hard they can't even walk to the bathroom the next morning. And once she feels those avocado sized nuts in my pants, she'll know that I'm the only one in the bar with enough stamina to give it to her. I'm sure she'd be nice and try to tell you that she just needs to freshen up or something but as soon as I tug on her hand toward the bathroom, she's following me. And you'll be standing at the bar, checking your watch, waiting for her to come back out while I'm fucking her brains out in one of the stalls. Facefucking her so hard she cries, shoving her head in the toilet so I can fuck her doggy-style, putting it in her ass raw, cumming all over her face, the whole nine yards. And no matter how much I degrade her or use her like my cum dumpster, she's going to love every second that my monster cock is inside of her. Once I've finished she'll stagger out of the bathroom; hair all over the place, mascara running down the sides of her face. As soon as you see her, you'll know what happened. But a guy like you just can't accept defeat. So you'll lean in for a desperate attempt to win her back with "true love's kiss" only to get a nice mouthful of the thick, creamy load I blew all over her face and lips 5 minutes ago. You could even marry her and she'd still belong to me. And after 9 months when she gives birth to a baby that looks exactly like me, you'll know how much my dick dominated her and how much a tiny dicked cuck you are. So I hope you followed that metaphor; sales is all about giving someone what they want. And at this company, we're prepared to give you what you want. Part Three: Mrs. Smith Mrs. Smith, it's so nice to finally meet you. Have we met? Oh, now I remember! I've seen you going into that fertility clinic a couple of times. I'm a bit of a regular at the sperm bank across the street... Oh no, not as a customer… as a donor. I usually stop in 2 or 3 times a week to fill up a couple of cups on my way home from work. Not that I need the extra money, but they pay me VERY well for my sperm. Supposedly it has a 97% conception rate, the highest of any donor in the world. You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well life gave me a pair of real big lemons and I make a whole lot of lemonade – ha! I joke but really I have helped a lot of women who were having fertility issues over the years. It really is a passion of mine to help women in need of some thick, potent spunk. I find it's almost always the man's fault. Of course, women can't conceive when sex for them is their fat, balding husband pounding away at them with his 4-inch stiffy for 2 minutes before he squeezes out a drops of spunk and then falls resting. Women deserve better than that. Sorry, I've got myself all worked up and ranting again – ha! And sorry about the smell. I like to exercise before I work and sometimes my balls get REALLY pungent from all the sweat. It drives some women CRAZY. There you go, all better. Are you alright, Mrs. Smith? You look a bit flushed and out of breathe. You want to keep doing business together? AND you want to enroll...

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